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The program is open to volunteer scientists, and life science experts, and school and college educators looking to bring life science professionals into their classrooms across the United States and Canada. Please use the form below to register with the Bio-Rad Science Ambassador Program and we'll start searching for Educators or volunteer scientists in your area. The kit-based program currently serves students in grades 3–12 and Science Ambassadors are also encouraged to give career talks, judge science fairs or competitions, mentor students, or other supporting roles without the Genes in a Bottle kit for schools and higher education institutions.

Types of Events

Classroom Visit with Molecular Biology Experiment: An Educator invites a Science Ambassador volunteer to their primary or secondary school classroom and students conduct a molecular biology experiment to extract their own DNA under the guidance of the scientist. Students learn real-world experimental procedures while learning in a hands-on way that science is exciting and fun. Depending on the event this might be a single class or multiple classes and multiple Science Ambassadors.

Visit Without an Experiment: An Educator connects with a Science Ambassador volunteer to request a visit for a career or research talk, judge science competition or fair, be virtual mentors to students, or other support role. For visits without a hands-on experiment the Science Ambassador program and website serves to help identify potential speakers and volunteers for your class, the program does not host on-line events.

Community Event: A science night, fair, or festival where a large number of students (>100) are expected to conduct the molecular biology activity. This type of event takes some extra planning and uses a simplified laboratory procedure to make it easier to serve a large number of students.

Select your preferences on grade levels and the types of events you wish to coordinate or support when you register. The contact information you provide here will be used to match you with Educators or volunteer scientists, confirm your event, and deliver important materials and notifications. Please add to your email contacts so you don't miss any of these important messages.

What's next?

After you have confirmed your registration we'll email you when we've found Science Ambassador Educators or scientists in your local area, and provide instructions for contacting your matches to arrange and confirm your event. It may require more time to find matches in certain areas, but we'll keep searching until one is found.

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